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Protect Your Home with a High-Quality Metal Roof

Learn about metal roofs

Metal roofing is very popular. Metal offers a wide range of benefits including color, durability, insulation, and quick shedding of rain and snow. Call our experts at Residential Roofing for a FREE estimate and get a metal roof on your home.

•  Should last as long as your home

•  Lightweight

•  Quick installation

•  Saves energy

• Use only Metal Sales and Flat Iron Steel

If budget is your concern, you can save money with traditional roofing

Asphalt tiles have been used on Cheyenne area roofs even before we started our business 35 years ago. It's less expensive than slate or metal, and it looks nice.


Call us for a FREE inspection and we'll determine if your roof needs to be replaced or possibly just repaired. We'll use only top-quality asphalt shingles.

Trust the quality of our metal

Our metal roofs are built by 2 premier metal suppliers in the world - Flat Iron Steel and Metal Sales. The top-quality metal is coated so the colors hold, and the metal won't corrode.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection



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